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Kai Greiser

Photographer/Author. Born in Hamburg (D) in 1941, he operated 12 years as a photographer for the SPIEGEL, later on also for STERN, GEO a.o.

For SPIEGEL he has worked in Skandinavia, Holland, Egypt and China. He reported the first german heart transplantation in Munich and participated in the photo-event "24 Stunden im Ruhrgebiet"

Followed by 20 years in yachtphotography he did a lot of photos and stories for YACHT and SEGELN, focused on historic ships, shipyuards, classic yachts and cruising. Kai trade himself under YACHBILD.

Together with his wife Petra he left Hamburg in 1998 and moved to the schlei fjord at the german coast of the baltic. There in the heart of one of the beautiful sailing areas they enjoy to cruise with thier small slup ALINE TOO.